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2021 CALL FOR ART “Creatures & Cryptids”

Read the details below before filling out the application.

Ready to step out into the light? Join our second art show of 2021 featuring all things cryptid, creatures, and mythical monsters!

We will be collaborating with Isle of Magic Marketplace and showcasing a new featured artist each day to make Isle of Magic an even bigger event!

STEP ONE: Artist Packet

Read the Bubble Pop Gallery 2021 Artist Packet completely through. Click below to download it. This holds all the info on how we will be handling 2021 art shows, commissions, etc.

STEP TWO: Creatures & Cryptids Artist Application

If you have read the above and are interested in applying to our virtual art show for September, please fill out the form below. Please note, this is a juried show. There is no fee to apply, but there will be one if you are chosen to showcase and continue to participate.

This show will be virtual. We will be collaborating with Isle of Magic Marketplace to make it an even bigger event, as all their events!

By filling out the form, does not guarantee entry into the show. We will be emailing artists of acceptance that fit our show aesthetic. We are looking for all forms of art.

STEP THREE: Wait and let the magic happen

We will be emailing artists on acceptance as they come in. Artwork will need to be due by August 1st, 2021 so we can prep for the virtual gallery.


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