Le Fae Artist: Dreamy Bon

Day 25 of Le Fae greets the twisted mind of Dreamy Bon!

Dreamybon is an amalgamation of retro pop culture dreams and bonbonnière a gift on confection for the eyes. Enjoy and stay for the sweets🖤

Artwork Title: “Fairy Noire”
Size: 12″ x 11″
Medium: Polymer Clay wood sculpture
Price: $165
Prints: 5″x6″ for $8

To purchase through the artist by visiting her at www.instagram.com/dreamybon.

Le Fae Virtual Art Show

Every day in February we will be featuring a new artist in our first ever LE FAE VIRTUAL ART SHOW. That’s right, every day a new artist with new fairy inspired artwork in a enchanting curated gallery like no one has ever seen! In celebration of our 3rd birthday, 100% of all sales of this show’s artwork will go directly to the artists.

Be sure to turn on post notifications in Instagram so you don’t miss out! Go to our bio and click on the top right tab to turn them on.

Also subscribe to our website and never miss an announcement! Register at the bottom of our main page at www.bubblepopgallery.com!

Isle of Magic Marketplace Partner

We have joined forces with Isle of Magic Marketplace! Please check out their Instagram as they showcase daily vendors and shops with deals, exclusive items and more!

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