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Le Fae Artist: Carolina Lebar

Day 3 of Le Fae Art Show graces us with FEATURED ARTIST Carolina Lebar.

“Fragile Beings” original acrylic painting is 8″x10″ and available for $500.
Archival 8″x10″ prints are $20
Archival 11″x14″ prints are $39

The original and prints are available to purchase through the artist by visiting her at Please visit their page and message them on how to collect this original work of art.


Follow Bubble Pop Gallery on Instagram at 12pm PST/3pm EST to watch Carolina Lebar drawing and doing some Q&A live on Instagram!

Artist Carolina Lebar.


  • Start off and tell us your name! Who are you?

I’m Carolina Lebar, and I’m an artist and illustrator. I was born in Bogota, Colombia, and I currently reside near the breathtaking Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. My illustrations and paintings begin with soft pencil work, then I typically glaze with acrylic or oil paints. I’m most known for my fantasy art of beautiful women and animals, which often combine the beauty and strength of women and nature. I’ve shown with galleries along the east coast and normally am found in the artist alley at most large conventions like Dragoncon and Illuxcon.

  • What kind of art do you create and what medium do you work in?

My art features female goddesses, elves, and occasionally fae, mingled with nature and mythology. It’s my way of expressing the beauty, strength, and resilience I see in women and nature in a way that looks beyond human life, into spiritual beliefs, to give hope there is something even more beautiful waiting.

  • When did you know you were an artist?

I’ve been drawing since I had a crayon in my hand, but I think I was an artist when others began seeing my talent and calling me an artist. The word artist is a bit of a label when you think about it, but the undeniable drive to create just exists strongly within me, it always has and always will.

  • Le Fae is about all things magical fairy! Tell us about why you applied to the show and what inspired the work you made for the curated collection?

This show is 100% perfect for me because I have always enjoyed expressing that there are fae in the world if you believe! My painting, “Fragile Beings” was inspired by Tess Lark, a beauty and fellow artist I found on IG, and she became my muse. My piece portrays her in her human form but the gold accents show her Goddess magics. She is the Mother Moth Goddess and her goddess is always within her as a human, but she shines when she wants, to whom she wants, and when she is needed to help her fellow fragile beings.

  • Where did you hear about Bubble Pop Gallery and what made you want to be in the show?

I found Bubble Pop Gallery on Instagram and have been enjoying following the account, can’t wait to see more!

  • Have you ever done a gallery show before? If yes, how many?

I have had a solo show at Zapow Gallery in North Carolina as well as numerous group shows with them. I was a part of a small group show of four in the Art Garden Gallery in North Carolina and I’ve been a part of numerous group shows with Slushbox Gallery in South Florida. The show with Bubble Pop Gallery is my first west coast show, and I am so excited to be working with them!

  • What is your favorite thing about being a creative?

I think my favorite thing is that art is an outlet during crazy times. The act of sitting down and drawing creates such a wonderful distraction, it’s really a “happy place”. It’s a fantastic, natural outlet for letting go of stress from everyday life. Often, I’m so lost in my work I find I unintentionally skip meals. Once I come up for air, I realize OMG I’M STARVING! Lol.

  • What inspires you?

Almost always it is a photo of a woman or animal, I’m very visual. It can also be an inspirational story about humans interacting with nature, or an old tale or mythological belief that inspires a new piece.

  • How does art make the world a better place?

Art freely gives pure joy. Whether it’s music, colors, a painting, an expression, whatever, it’s meaningful to the person it delights.

  • Where are you located?

I live and work in East Tennessee.

  • What projects are you working on that you can tell us about?

I’m working on a one-off sketchbook which I’m filling with things I really enjoy exploring creatively. I’m working on some sketch pages I’ll turn into post cards. Lately I’ve been live streaming on IG while drawing animal illustrations on Friday nights, join me!

  • Where can people find you?




TikTok: @artistcarolinalebar

  • Anything else you would like to share?

I love helping new artists with the industry as much as I can, so feel free to DM me if you’d like. Also, I give detailed artist information on my patreon page Patreon: And sign up on my website for my emails where I’ll send discount offers and new release previews.

Le Fae Virtual Art Show

Every day in February we will be featuring a new artist in our first ever LE FAE VIRTUAL ART SHOW. That’s right, every day a new artist with new fairy inspired artwork in a enchanting curated gallery like no one has ever seen! In celebration of our 3rd birthday, 100% of all sales of this show’s artwork will go directly to the artists.

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