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Creatures and Cryptids Art Show

A Virtual Art Gallery

Welcome to the online Bubble Pop Gallery art show! This exhibit shows a unique collection of art inspired by all things cryptid, creatures, and mythical monsters! Curated here are the artworks of 16 artists from all around the globe.

Each of the artists are listed on the left, where you will find more details and the link to their individual shops on where to purchase these originals. Artists will received 100% of all the sales during this show. Enjoy the online exhibit, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Carolina Lebar

Artist & Illustrator
Tennessee, USA

Born in Bogota, Colombia, she was raised in the USA and currently lives and works in East Tennessee. Her highly detailed illustrations and paintings begin with soft pencil work, then developed further with glazes of acrylic or oil paints. She is most known for fantasy art depicting beautiful women as goddesses, elves, or fae, together with animals, expressing their beauty and strength in a way that looks beyond human life, into spiritual beliefs, to give hope there is something even more beautiful waiting. Recently she has also expanded into wildlife art. She has shown with galleries along the east coast and can also be found in the artist alley at conventions like Dragoncon and Illuxcon.

8×10 acrylic painting for $450
8″x10″ and 11″x14″ prints available

Jessica Halley

Freelance Illustrator
San Diego, CA, USA

Jessica Halley is a freelance illustrator whose travels have currently landed her in San Diego. After completing a BA in Studio Art at Smith College and two certificates at the Rhode Island School of Design, she created Winged Coyote Designs to focus on her projects in children’s book and comics illustration which expanded into fandom based paper cut artwork.

Her multidimensional pieces involve intricate interweaving designs, flickering lights, humor, and a healthy dose of nostalgia for the 80s and 90s, enticing people to take a piece of their childhood home. A fan of broadening her horizons and learning new things, she also does ink and marker pieces to constantly test her mantra of ‘no fandom is too random’. You can check out her current projects on her Instagram @wingedcoyotedesigns.

Listed from Top to Bottom:
Paper cut
Price: $55
“There’s Two of Us Now”
Paper cut
Ink and marker


Pop-surrealistic Painter
Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Quiete was born in Milan, during a cold winter. There, she attended the School of Applied Arts of Castello Sforzesco, obtaining the Diploma of “Maestro d’Arte” in Illustration. She briefly lived and studied art in beautiful Florence, now she lives and paints in Milan.

She finds inspiration for her art in pop-surrealism, alchemy, magic, and illustration.

By the end of 2019 she started to exhibit her art in group shows.

“Hunting Night” 15.5″ x 19″ Framed
Mixed media on canvas paper

Nella & Pendragon

Illustrator Duo
Clermont, FL, USA

Nella and Pendragon aka Lian Cabrera & Trace Sandy are a duo of illustrators, and a couple of sweethearts, that create both digital and traditional art pieces. Their digital art is best showcased through art prints, stickers, charms and more. While their traditional art consists of sketch cards, custom comic book covers and acrylic paintings.

“In Another World”
8.5″ by 11”
Mixed Media on Card-Stock
“From Another Time”
8.5″ by 11”
Mixed Media on Card-Stock

“Sonoran Sirena”

Ashley Fetters

Harvest, Alabama, United States

I am an artist and a mother of three beautiful children. I have had a passion for art my whole life. I have spent most of my artistic career working with colored pencils. I am now stretching out and trying some new things. I really enjoy working with bright colors. My favorite parts about creating these ladies are the eyes and the hair. I’m always on the look out to play with new techniques and new materials. I also love working in fabric and wood.

Skipper Kevin Art

Bakersfield, CA, USA

The adventurous art of “Skipper” Kevin Lively.

“A Big Drink for Bigfoot”
by Skipper Kevin Art
Acrylic on Wood

“The Yowie”
by Skipper Kevin Art
Acrylic on Wood

Motauress, 8×10, pencil, $80
Banshee, 5×7, chalk, $35

Anna Hackler

Bakersfield, CA, USA

Bakersfield based artist, Anna Hackler, has been honing her skills as an eclectic c artist since childhood. Obtaining her graduate degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling leads Anna into the profession of social work, but always without the absence of her artistic call to the world of creating art. Anna’s evolution into art allowed her to explore and experience an array of mediums that she found most prominent in pencil, acrylic, and pen. Her skills were elaborated in her drawings of whimsical caricatures, La Cartrinas, and portraits. Her linework eventually developed into loose brushstrokes in acrylic painting with an eddy of color. The same was to be said for her pencil drawings. She is inspired by the emotions her art may elicit in others and is appreciative to have an opportunity to share her art. Anna has displayed her work in local art exhibits, including Bakersfield Art Museum of Art, Metro Gallery, Tehachapi Art Gallery-n-Gi+s, Bakersfield Art Counsel Youth Exhibit, Dagney’s co/ee Shop and Bubble Pop Gallery.


Cake/Clay Sculptor
Buffalo, NY, USA

Linzertart, aka Lindsay Haigh is a cake/fondant sculptor by day and a polymer clay sculptor by night(or weekends)

She loves putting a weird and whimsical spin on her creations. She paint her sculptures and reliefs with acrylic paints and loves color!

“Cthulhu Cowboy”
Hanging Piece
Mixed Media
5” diameter

“The Harry and The Fairy”
Acrylic on Canvas

Margarita Pimienta

Bakersfield, CA, USA

Margarita Pimienta is a Bakersfield, Ca. based artist who loves to use colors and symbols to captivate the audience. From a young age Pimienta began turning to art as a therapeutic outlet for expressing herself. Creating art that others can enjoy and relate to is what brings her fulfillment; whether it be a painting of a rainbow, a self- portrait, or even a Sasquatch.


Digital Artist
Bakersfield, CA, USA

Art by Jerry. Art for fun.

“Medusa, wants to be loved”
Digital Illustration


Digital Artist

Digital Illustration

“Green Monster”, 8×10, Watercolor on illustration board, $30
“Blue Monster”, 8×10, Watercolor on illustration board, $30

Jessica Rounding

I’m Jessica, the artist behind The Traveler’s Trunk. About a year ago I had the amazing opportunity to explore, learn and grow as an artist full time. I love and enjoy many different mediums and styles. Loch Ness Monsters are an all time favorite subject for my art. This past summer I was featured in @inagalleryfarfaraway and I can be found @isleofmagicmarketplace on September 12th which is also my 31st Birthday!

Karrie Rhodes

Bakersfield, CA, USA

An accidental artist at times or was it. My childhood was full of crafting from my mother, she encourage the artistic side in all of her children set my example. I further studied Art at University of Nebraska and began the feeling the need to provide a need to teach art and encourage individuals’ creative sides. I finished with both an Associates of the Art and a Bachelor in Business Management Marketing.

While living in Arkansas, I taught art to the Kindergartners and volunteered on a regular basis to inspire children’s to use their imagination. Presently in Bakersfield, the same need is here. I love to teach, and currently find my classes online or in studio.

“Night Swim”
ink, watercolor, and gel pen

“Krack of Night”
Mixed Media

Sey Studios

Bakersfield, CA, USA

I’m Sey, of @seystudios. I’m an artist, illustrator, and name painter that makes art to bring a smile to the soul. From fandom to original characters, I make cute creations with bright colors and a giddy glow. I also love adorable alliteration and art. If you made it this far and have a goofy grin on your face, I’m the artist for you!

I love Bigfoot and Yetis, which is what I picked to illustrate for this show!

“Be Kind Bigfoot”
10″x10″ Framed
With Glitter Backing

“Let It Be Yeti”
5″x7″ Original

JP Rodriguez

Bakersfield, CA, USA

Dad by day, artist by night.

“Goat Sucker AKA Chupacabra”

Not Cool Co

Houston, TX, United States

Not Cool Co is a big nerd who lives in Texas and loves to draw!

Turn to Stone”
mixed media

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