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Le Fae Artist: Guilli Munster

Day 23 of Le Fae brings us local tattoo artist and mash-up master Guilli Munster!

aka Your Favorite Pint-Sized Tattooer and Cartooner!

Artwork Title: “The Visit”
Size: 11″x14″
Medium: Watercolor
Price: $150

To purchase through the artist by visiting his Instagram at


  • Start off and tell us your name! Who are you?

I was born Gilbert Garcia, but everyone calls me Guilli! People who get tattooed by me know me as Guilli Munster, your favorite pint-sized tattooer!

  • What kind of art do you create and what medium do you work in?

I tattoo by trade and have been for the last 13 years, so I consider skin as a medium. I also love to watercolor and create digital art! More specifically, mashups of popular animation characters!

  • When did you know you were an artist?

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t, so I don’t know a time where I didn’t think I was. My family tells me that I had a natural ability to draw when I was two. According to them, Mickey Mouse was the first thing I ever learned to draw which is why have him tattooed on the back of my neck!

  • Le Fae is about all things magical fairy! Tell us about why you applied to the show and what inspired the work you made for the curated collection?

First off, I’ve done a few shows with Bubble Pop and I’m a big fan of Bubble Pop Gallery. The shows themes are always excellent creative exercising and they give me an opportunity to be my true self, so thank you, Sey! When I got the notice of this shows theme of fairies, as with all the shows themes, I immediately think, MASHUP! So, I quickly picked a few fairies and put them in the collider that lives in my head. I don’t normally like to tell people what I’ve mashed up because I feel like it’s more fun for people to guess which two characters each one is. And for me it’s a great way to for me to improve on it because it lets me know that if they guess right, I’m doing it right. I have a lot of tattoo flash that I’ve made of mashup tattoo designs and as soon as people notice them, it becomes a fun game of who can guess which two characters they are. I hope for a similar effect with my work for this show! The particular scene I painted is meant to be a late night visit from these mashed up alternate universe fairies.I based them off of 6 personal favorites that I consider to be classic fairies!

  • Where did you hear about Bubble Pop Gallery and what made you want to be in the show?

I believe it was a few years ago, randomly on Instagram. I ran into a poster for a Ghostbusters themed show and was like, “this exists in Bakersfield?” I’ve done a handful of local art shows in mt lifetime, but that was the first time a gallery spoke my language! Then, I contacted Sey immediately! I’ve tried to do all the shows since then!

  • Have you ever done a gallery show before? If yes, how many?

I’m not sure how many I’ve done. There’s been a lot. More than half of them were tattoo related shows, as some tattoo shops have galleries in them.

  • What is your favorite thing about being a creative?

Peoples responses to it.It’s either wonderfully magical when they enjoy it or total disdain when they don’t understand it.Of course, I want to effect people positively. That’s always the goal; to bring people joy with what I do. Both responses are valid to me though because it’s when there is no response that I’ve failed at being an artist. I think Garth Brooks said that somewhere and I totally agree with him even though I don’t listen to country. Another thing that’s good about being creative, is that creative people attract each other and when you’ve got some humble, creative people in a room together, real magic is made. It’s the best!

  • What inspires you?

Life. I don’t watch reality television because we have true reality all around us to pull from. I walk, ride a bike, take a Lyft, take a Bird and I’m observing everything around me. Everyone carries inspiration within them, whether they realize it or not.

  • How does art make the world a better place?

I think it’s subjective. As an enthusiast, I use it to escape, a catalyst or as a means to connect and make sense of the world.I’ve always felt that without the existence of the arts, the human race would cease to exist in a meaningful way.

  • Where are you located?

I am in Bakersfield, CA. Born and raised in a place that I once heard called a truck stop on the way to Los Angeles.

  • What projects are you working on that you can tell us about?

II’m currently in the middle of making a Get What You Get Tattoo Dice Game. It’s a gambling game that many tattoo shops around the world play, where a willing player pays $100 (usually), then rolls a number on a 100 sided die. What ever number the die lands on, you flip through a small book that houses 100 random designs. You find the page with the number you rolled and that’s what you get tattooed! My version will be 100 designs of popular, female, animated characters.I’m hoping to have it done in a month!

  • Where can people find you?

On either of my two Instagram profiles! I have @pint_sized_tattooer for the tattooing, which includes examples of my work, tattoo designs and information on booking appointments. My other profile, which is @pint_sized_cartooner is my art profile which includes my mashup art, my animation school assignments (I’m currently attending Animation Mentor online) and anything else I create that isn’t tattoo related. Follow me, especially if you’re a fan of pop culture!

  • Anything else you would like to share?

If you read this far, thank you! Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today! Finish what you start no matter what! Keep moving forward! You’re worth love! Don’t forget to be who you are!


Join us for our last Instagram live art today at 12pm PST/3pm EST with Guilli Munster! Join us at Bubble Pop Gallery on Instagram while he will make art and answer some Q&A live on Instagram!

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